How to Shift Cells Down in Excel

You can easily rearrange your data in Excel through the Insert Sheet Rows feature. By adding the multiple rows on the upper side of the current rows in Microsoft Excel, you can shift the current data downwards. Go through this article and learn how to move cells down in Excel.

Steps to Shift Cells Down in Excel

•    Open Microsoft Excel.

•    Go to the spreadsheet by pressing on the File option.

•    Choose the Open option by going to the menu list.

•    If the sheet is placed in the front of the screen, press on a cell located in the top of the column.

•    You have to choose that cell which you wish to shift on the downward direction in Excel.

•    You need to highlight column B in case you wish to place each cell under row B.

•    The cell should be placed in the default option.

•    But in case it is not, endure that you are in the Home menu.

•    Find the Cells column.

•    Press on the Insert option.

•    Choose the “Insert Sheet Rows option by going to the pull-down list.

•    Now, the new column gets added.

•    In case it is not added where you wish to, press on the Undo symbol.

•    This symbol is located at the upper left -hand side of the menu.

•    You need to try this procedure once again.

You have to highlight many rows to shift all of them in the downward direction, and it depends on how many rows you have chosen. For adding many rows together in Microsoft Excel, then follow the steps mentioned below:

•    Pull the mouse for highlighting all the cells which you wish to shift down in Excel.

•    You need to begin this procedure from the cell which is placed in the row.

•    Return to the Insert option which is given in the Cells column.

•    This column is located on the Home option.

•    Select the Insert Sheet Rows option to move cells down in Excel.

Steps to Shift by the Single Cell

•    You need to left-click on the cell which you wish to shift for highlighting it.

•    After that, you have to right-click on the cell for opening the menu list.

•    By going to the menu list, choose the Insert option.

•    Choose the Shift cells down option.

•    After that, press on the OK button.

Steps to Shift Cells by Deleting the Rows

•    You need to highlight the rows which you wish to remove.

•    Pull the mouse cursor for highlighting the many rows.

•    Start highlighting the rows which are located on the top of the Excel window.

•    Keep pressing on the Shift key.

•    Press on the last row which you wish to remove so that you can choose all the rows inside the highlights part.

•    Press on the Home option located in the ribbon menu list.

•    Press on the Insert option.

•    It is located in the Cells column.

•    Choose the Delete Sheet Rows option for removing all the chosen rows.

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