How to Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

Spotify is the most popular music streaming services, and it is compatible with both the mobile and computer. But most of the users are facing Spotify keeps crashing issue on the Windows 10 PC. You can follow many different methods to get rid of this issue. You need to go through the guidelines carefully, and fix the Spotify keeps crashing on Windows 10 issue.

Here’s How to Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

•    Checking or Unchecking the Option to Open in Compatibility Mode

1.    Find the Spotify.exe file.

2.    Start changing its properties.

3.    You need to right-click on your desktop.

4.    Otherwise, right-click on the Start menu.

5.    Or, right-click on the search results menu.

6.    Press on the Properties option.

7.    Go to the Compatibility option.

8.    It is located in the Properties menu.

9.    Go through the checkbox.

10.    It is located near to Run this program as an administrator option.

11.    Below the Compatibility mode column, go through the checkbox given near to Run this program in compatibility mode option.

12.    Select the Windows 8 option.

13.    It is located on the pull-down menu.

14.    You need to do this procedure before saving the changes.

15.    In case you have already gone through the checkbox, then you need to unselect it.

16.    Ensure that you verify the dialogs.

17.    You need to agree on the admin privileges.

18.    After that, open the Spotify with admin privileges.

19.    Click twice on the symbol.

20.    Check whether you have solved this issue or not.

•    Format an SD Card

1.    Go to the libraries on the computer.

2.    Go to the folder saved on the PC.

3.    Press on the This PC option.

4.    It is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

5.    In case you are using an updated version of Windows, then go to the My Computer option located on the desktop.

6.    You need to right-click on the SD Card which you wish to format.

7.    Select the Format option.

8.    You will get this option on the pop-up menu.

9.    You will get the small menu which is known as Format.

10.  Press on the Format menu given below the File system option.

11.   Select the file system option.

12.   After that, press on the format.

13.   Wait until the procedure gets completed.

14.   Take out the SD card, go to the Spotify.

15.    In case you are still facing Spotify keeps crashing on Windows 10 error, then you have to install the Spotify once again.

•    Reinstalling Spotify

1.    Ensure that you have signed in to the admin account.

2.    You can’t uninstall software through other account details.

3.    All the music you have downloaded gets deleted in the application.

4.    Press on the Start menu.

5.    Go to the Control Panel.

6.    Additionally, press on the gear symbol.

7.    It will launch the Settings tab in case you are a user of Windows 10.

8.    Choose the View as a Category option.

9.    It is given at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

10.    Press on Uninstall a Program option given below the Programs column.

11.    In case you are on the Settings application, press on the Apps.

12.    It will launch the menu list of all the software which you have already installed on the system.

13.    Then, find the Spotify on the menu list.

14.    Press on the Uninstall option.

15.    Go through the on-screen guidelines.

16.    Start the system again.

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