Step by Step- Walk It!

Step by Step- Walk It!

     How best can you explain the word "Elegance"? Elegance has a connection with confidence, and it is frequently associated with simplicity, tastefulness, and remaining stylish. elegance can equally be likened to the outpour of aesthetic display especially when it comes to adornment. So what do you say about adorning your legs on a classic mode? irrespective of the fact that we all have a specific thing we are crazy about, Our preferences are different, some people prefer spending their money on owning pieces of jewelry (gold, diamond), it is sunglasses for others, we equally have people whose spending is tastefully exaggerated on handbags (brand/designer bags), fabrics, perfumes, sneakers, hair (having some exclusive type of hair), lipstick, purse, wristwatch. In essence, we are different and our preferences and taste differ, If you are a shoe lover, this is for you! there is this excitement and beautiful fantasy about shoes that some people are yet to experience. You might not get the details (dressing up) correctly, but wearing the right shoes will not make the errors noticeable.  

     However, it is not about wearing the right shoe but also caring for it, when a shoe is not cared for, there is a possibility of the shoe wearing out and getting damaged very quickly, the shoe cabinet will not only put your shoes in order, but also align it, and reflect your footwear in grand style (class and status), keeps it organized, prevent dust and scuffing, makes it clean and neat. choosing a shoe cabinet matters too, it makes a lot of sense when you choose the one that allows ventilation, this will eliminate stale and unpleasant odor. Shoes reflect your personality as well, you do not need to say too much, and your footwear will do the talking. This is because shoes practically convey detailed information, and also serve as a nonverbal signal with illustrative messages. Shoes can make you confident or inadequate and can give you comfort and support, choosing the right one depends on you. Not all feet are perfect, so when you properly fit your shoes, it can help align your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back to perfect your step and revamp posture.

Walk it!..... Shop your shoe cabinet at, and keep your beautiful footwear in good condition, and away from the scrape.


     Shoes predict a lot about you as a man or a woman, even in the office environment, where you are constantly assessed and judged.  When we assess the factors that influence and boost our mood, our minds do not consider footwear as one, but they can do more than you think, talking about "fitting" when your shoe is too tight, it can restrict circulation in your foot and make you feel uncomfortable and tense. 

     Shoes are one of the most important items in a man's wardrobe, fashionable men and the ones who just love looking good and do not have extra flings with fashion, men always want to nail their fittings when it comes to their outfit, but it is still very incomplete without the right shoe. It is safer as a man to invest in a few quality pairs of shoes. A man's shoe gives an intuition about his taste and preferences. It will also spell out his socio-political status in society, his cultural background, and his ethnicity, Shoes are a mark of wealth, power, and class, they also break the seal that encodes languages that are hidden. "You can always judge a man by the shoe he wears"  You can easily make a rough draft and predict the character the person exhibits. What are you waiting for? it's another day to make your choices realistic, shop for the lovely shoes you've seen (pictorial), and save on your device (phones, laptops, Ipads...) or the ones you've seen at the store, and do not forget to buy a durable, spacious, well-ventilated shoe rack to help keep your beautiful footwear in good condition.

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