Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

     Outdoor lifestyle varies and it is personal, there are several activities (that are considered fun and healthy) that contribute to good outdoor living. You only need to find out what is suitable and comfortable for you and make it part of your lifestyle. How does having a Pool in your house sound? Cool isn't it? You can spice things up when you have a pool in your house, this is another way of socializing moderately, you can always invite your friends, family, or guest to come and enjoy an active social lifestyle. Introducing this into your weekend routine is a great idea, you can have your family and friends come around to enjoy a pool party groove with an inviting atmosphere where you get to create a safe side space for delicious barbecue ( you can't get enough of the mouth-watering aroma) and drinks with good music at your poolside, having a pool in your house can also be of recreational benefit to you. Recreational swimming can provide a low-impact workout and is a good way to relax and feel good, it is always fun and a positive way to practice new skills, be physically active and spend quality time with family and friends. Water is known to reduce the adverse impact on joints, soothe the mind, and body, and increase energy levels. swimming never fails as this is one of the most rewarding indoor and outdoor recreational activities.


This is one of the ways you can enjoy bonding with your family, and excuse yourself from your everyday responsibilities (work and domestic tasks).


Life is beautiful when you give it the chance to moisturize your hectic living. It is never a bad idea to take a break, use your free time to treat yourself right and enjoy yourself. 


     It is a beautiful thing to have a pool in your home, the great benefits include:

- Improves Mental Health

- Full Body Workout

- General Wellbeing

- Improves your sleep pattern, anti-stress and relaxation

- Burn calories

- Support the Body

- Increase your energy levels

- Exercise without the sweat (for those who easily get pissed off when they sweat during other forms of exercise)

     You will enjoy it when you make it accessible in your home, and you make it "an important to-do" by cleaning and maintaining it. The first step to thoroughly ensuring clean and safe water is by:

-  Skimming: Use a long-handled leaf skimmer to gather up leaves, insects, and any other debris floating on the surface of the pool. Make sure you remove debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool where it becomes difficult to remove and may create stains. Do you have trees surrounding your pool? Consider trimming them back to reduce the amount of debris that lands on the water. This only takes just a few minutes and keeps water looking crystal clear, and skimming off the debris will not have the chance to clog up your filtration system.

-  Brush Sediment from Pool Walls: This is the second step, Algae (reclassified as protist) and small bits of debris can gather on the walls of your pool, as well as pool fixtures like ladders and slides. Brush the pool walls and fixtures each week to remove dirt and prevent the spread of algae. Use a brush to remove dirt that has collected on the sides and bottom of your pool, as well as on ladders, slides, and other accessories. Brush sediment toward the main drain so it can be vacuumed up easily.

-  Vacuum the Pool: this is the third step, once the sediment has been brushed off the wall, it can be vacuumed up along with any other debris that has floated to the bottom of the pool. We have two different types of vacuum- Automatic and manual, if you are using an automatic vacuum, it has three different types- Robotic Vacuums, Pressure Vacuums, and Suction Vacuums. Whichever one you are using, tends to compliment the filtration process and give good cleaning results. You can check GoForOffice.com to shop for the pool vacuum cleaner of your choice.

-  Clean Skimmer: This should be done weekly, or more often if necessary. When you remove debris from your skimmer, it allows it to operate efficiently. Keep an eye on your pool’s water level. If the water level is more than halfway up the skimmer, debris will not be collected effectively. Check the skimmer every time you skim the top of the pool, ensuring it is clean.

-  Keep your Pump Running: Your pool's circulation system includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter. The system helps chemicals work effectively and ensures that water is properly filtered. Run your pump long enough each day to make sure the water is properly filtered and each item in the circulation system is clean and in good condition.

-  Check Filter and Backwash: The 3 most popular types of filters - are sand, cartridge, and vertical grid DE- make sure you screen out debris and particles from your pool water. You should clean and maintain your filter according to the manufacturer's directions.

-  Test Pool Water and Add Chemicals: Test your pool water frequently (daily or weekly depending on use) and add chemicals as necessary, following the manufacturer's directions. The chemicals include various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers which work to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water. Regular shock treatments cleanse the water of algae, bacteria, dirt, and any other organic matter that may have entered the pool. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's directions for shock treatments.

     With all this listed information, which is considered helpful, you can rest assured of a good outdoor lifestyle right inside your home.


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