Fashion-Preliminary Steps

Fashion-Preliminary Steps

The Fashion world is one incredible industry to look out for, and you will agree that this industry has brought innovations, and exposure in the real sense of looking classy, beautiful, and exceptional. Fashion- which is the self-expression of contextual things has been in vogue for ages. The only different thing is how time has helped in polishing, upgrading, and adopting feasible techniques that help to standardize the legacy of what fashion was intended for, "Spice it up anyhow you can and get things done somehow", Just make sure you communicate and express yourself- This is one of the ingredients of fashion, that in all you do, ensure that you feel free to express yourself through your clothing, footwear, lifestyle, body posture, accessories, make up, and hairstyle. There are preliminary steps to take if you are a fashion lover and want to own a  brand, it is never a bad idea to start small, this will only help to get you familiar with the systems, help you boost your creativity level, you can also discover your mistakes and learn to fix them. Setting up a fashion brand is not simple and easy but it is achievable, when you are good with your technical skill and conversant with the methodology, then you have nothing to fear. Don't let your financial capability discourage you either, that is why it is very much encouraged that you start within the range of whatever capital you have. has something for you, it might be what you need to PUSH UP your plans and decision of owning a fashion house brand, it is also part of starting small and not straining yourself, you can conveniently make use of whatever resources you have, that is part of our objectives, which is to help you align your priorities.

Fashion dates back as far as 1482 and varies in meaning, it implies "general uniformity", it can also mean "Sameness" or 'Latest trends" and often time it can reference a previous fashion era, and all this aims at exposing our minds to the consciousness of fashion based on time-re-appearing periods. Meanwhile, when we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes to our mind is clothing, and costumes, although they are not the same. Clothing only describes the material and technical garment that does not relate to any social meaning or interrelations, and the costume (outfit) on the other hand is "Fancy wear". Therefore "Fashion" refers to the current expressions on sale through the "fashion industry" and which is the product of the modern age, fashion by the disparity recounts the social and temporal system (it is subject to innovative changes as time goes by) that activates dress as a social signifier in a definite time and context.

Before the mid-19th century, most clothing was custom-made, that is the idea of hand sewing by individuals either at home or as an order from tailors/dressmakers before the conception of industrialism which paved way for the increase of global trade, development, and factory system of production, and also the expansion of retail outlets, clothing increased in mass production- standard sizes and sold at fixed prices. Television coverage of fashion became frequent, fashion promotion through bloggers on social media, fashion print media -magazines, and the industry has been the subject of many television and film show. It is important to focus on the good side of industrialization and its positive effect on the fashion industry, it has helped influence so many things:

- Political Influence

- Technology Influence

- Media Influence

   Fashion on Television 

   Fashion in Print- Media 

- Intellectual Property: this is said to be a current Big deal in the industry and has helped to draw a line between designers and their design inspiration, and those who out-rightly steal the design (location is not a barrier when it comes to issues like this, perpetrators will face the consequence of intellectual property theft).

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