Top 5 Mother’s Day Apps for Android in 2019

Smartphones have become one of the best companions for people. They help users plan their and other’s birthday, marriage, and even a special day like mother’s day. If you are thinking how it is possible? All of the planning happens through various apps available in the App Store. The apps help you with finding ideas, planning things, and buying gifts.

Here are the best Mother’s Day apps for Android devices:

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner comes as one of the best cooking apps for Android users. You can find different type of recipes inside and even filter options to get the best results. This app is perfect for surprising your mother by cooking an ideal for her. For helping users in the best way possible, it consists of recipe videos as well. Use this app and plan your mother’s day perfectly.

2. Eat24

If you are not comfortable with cooking, you can explore the best restaurants around and order your mother’s favorite food at your home. It will show you all the restaurant in your area and the delivery time and fees on your selected meal. There are various other apps for this specific purpose only such as UberEats, Postmates, and GrubHub. You can try them too if you are satisfied with this app. Your mother’s day can become extraordinary with the Eat24 also.

3. Eventbrite

You get the option to plan an exciting out of station trip with your mother with the Eventbrite app. It shows you all the exciting events that are happening around, and you can choose the ideal event from the available list. From concerts to festivals to shows and more, all type of events can be found in this app. Apps like Eventful, OMGWhen, Nearify, and even Facebook events are great for this specific purpose too. Check Eventbrite and other relevant apps to find the best event to attend with your mother around mother’s day.

4. 1800Flowers

Gift your mother beautiful flowers and make her feel special on mother’s day through 1800Flowers app. It offers a variety of bouquets for choosing and is one of the best apps for ordering flowers. This app has international delivery options also. So, you can easily send flowers and surprise her even if you are far away from your mother.   You will surely see a smile on your mother’s face by offering flowers from 1800Flowers.

5. Etsy

If you like to gift unique stuff to others, Etsy is a perfect solution for you. This app brings you exceptional handmade crafts, gifts, and various other items that you can choose. You can save items in this app and check them later for buying. It supports multiple languages and great for you if you don’t understand English. Get this outstanding app for free from the Google Play store in your Android device.

However, these apps are not accurately made for mother’s day but are likely to help you plan mother’s day and make it exciting. You can use these apps to plan and celebrate other significant days of your loved ones also. They will be there with you for years and will help you every year with ideas. Get the best ideas for mother’s day, plan things entirely, and surprise your mother using these apps. They are readily available on the Google Play store app inside your Android Smartphone.

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